Sustainability, compatibility, selection. Next level of quality

All our products are made for maximum compatibility with the technologies currently available on the market.
We have chosen to select only supplying companies committed with sustainable certified chains: UTZ-Fairtrade-Bio/Rainforest, FSC, BRC

Pods available in PLA, Bio Plastic, 100% compostable.
Thanks to our "non-mechanical" innovative compaction technology and totally free of additives, the barrier level of the product is very high and guaranteed.


SYSTEMS (compatible pods/capsules) 

  • Nespresso Pro®* (Tea, Coffee, Herbal & Bouillon)





DAMATH Premium Coffee

Exclusive selection of single Origin blends, quality “superior”.

ssc group - pan

ssc group - pan

DAMATH Coffee Blends

A wide selection of blends, intense and smooth, a selection of aromas for all taste.

ssc group - pan

ssc group - QAFE


Oriental fragrant black tea selections, to be tasted like the oldest Asian and British traditions.

ssc group - pan


ssc group - HERO

DAMATH Infusions

From the heart of pleasure, herbal teas and herbs with varied properties, a wide selection for the most varied purposes: Relax, Digestive and many others.

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ssc group - EARTH

DAMATH Bouillon

Instant broth with natural spices and selected ingredients.

ssc group - pan

ssc group - EARTH