Intelligence, science, technology, commitment

Swiss Sustainable Coffee SA was created by a group of industry professionals who wanted to launch a business project to stand out due to its innovation and ethics in a market which was already saturated with approved products. Engineers, designers, raw material and sustainability experts and international buyers have brought their skills together to provide new offerings to consumers who want access to high-quality, ethical and sustainable products. 

Swiss Sustainable Coffee represents the union of the experience of several companies, where each has brought its own strong expertise and tradition in the relevant field. This collaboration has allowed them to create an integrated supply chain that designs, controls and certifies every aspect of the production cycle: from the construction of the roasting plants to the development and the use of highly innovative food technologies and the marketing of the end product.  

The company represents the most sophisticated offering in the portioned (single serve)  coffee and tea industry today, as it is not only pursuing the best quality in terms of the product, but is also committed to constantly ensuring compliance with the highest strictest standards of ecology, sustainability and quality of work.