Private label pods nespresso professional

Create your own coffee pods compatible with Nespresso* Professional*!

Swiss Sustainable Coffee  offers a private label service that allows you to customize every aspect of your product using our sustainable assets. Coffee, pods, packaging, graphics… every aspect is up to you, and our expertise will grant a perfect result!

How it works


Choose coffee

Select the coffee you want to use: you can choose one of our blends or send us your own!


Choose mode

Pods or capsules? They’re both sustainable, the choice is up to you!


Choose packaging

Select the packaging for your product: 25 or 50 pieces cardboard case.


Choose graphics

Send us your logo and graphics you want to be printed on your product and packaging.

Swiss Sustainable Coffee SA trusts  into sustainability’s values and it’s always looking for motivated partners to join its growing community.

We strongly believe that our product can be an important player in transforming a daily routine into a choice of sustainability for the future of our planet.

Our mission is to preserve our planet by reducing the use of aluminium and plastic.

At Swiss Sustainable Coffee SA you will have the chance to create your pods using your coffee.

Do you want a compostable pods that is compatible with Nespresso* Professional*? You are in the right place!

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