An ethical science, a far-sighted technology.
What goes around comes around.

In our laboratories, research and innovation are the first step to ensuring the authenticity of the product and the sustainability of production. This is why we are directly committed and we consistently verify the results achieved in partnership with prestigious universities and international research institutions. 

Thanks to the work of our technicians, we have developed and patented an innovative non-mechanical compaction system for use in foods. This reduces the possibility of oxidation in the capsule products, enhancing and ensuring the quality of tea and coffee throughout their entire shelf-life period, with the guarantee of always extracting the maximum quantity of essential oils and aromas from the raw material.

All the products we developed by us are made using materials in harmony with the environment, i.e. entirely-compostable or 100% recyclable. 


Award for Most Innovative Product | Gulfood 2019

Award for Most Innovative Product | Sial Shanghai 2019

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