Our commitment to a sustainable planet

Live better: live green!

Building a better future means living in a more sustainable way, starting with daily habits.

Coffee is an indispensable pleasure for many people all over the world, and a responsible approach in the purchasing of this product can make a difference on a wide scale.

But what does it mean to be sustainable talking about coffee? The answer implies 3 topics equally important

Main aspects of sustainability

Social sustainability

Coffee is the only source of incomefor many families all over the world, and workers’ rights protection is crucial to grant an healthy and sustainable production process. For this reason SSC makes sure that its raw materials come only from plantations which respect rigorous standards, granting the basic rights to all people who work there.

Environmental sustainability

Coffee plantations take up a wide part of the agricultural soil of many countries, and an incorrect management can cause serious damages to the ecosystems of those areas. Limiting the use of pesticides and other harmful agents can make the difference, making coffee an organic product capable of restoring the right balance and directly intervening in the reduction of CO2 in the air.

Economic sustainability

Once harvested, coffee goes through several stages before coming to the market and filling our cups. The massive consumption of this product also generates a huge amount of waste that must be disposed of properly, in order not to damage the environment. SSC uses all the cautions to limit emissions and waste all along the entire supply chain, but not only: our pods are fully compostable, making it easier to dispose of the wrappers once they have been used.

A responsible choice

Our purchase choices can change the fate of our planet, and the attention of the market for environmental topics grows constantly.

Our mission is to offer quality products that respect the highest standards limiting emissions as much as possible, and that are also recyclable once consumed.

Our certificates

Damath blends

The green future of coffee

Damath blends are the first to be distributed in 100% compostable oxygen-tight pods, and are suitable for Nespresso® Pro* coffee machines. 

The external wrappers are made of a special patented vegetable paper, that grants perfect storage with a warranty up to 12 months. After consumption Damath pods can be turned into fertilizer (70 days industrial compostable).

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